Citizen Group Raises Concerns Over Tennessee Information Protection Act

Concerns have recently been raised over The Tennessee Information Protection Act, legislation that aims to protect the privacy and security of Tennesseans by putting a stop to Big Tech’s private data collection efforts within the state.

This year’s House Bill 1181 (HB1181) brought by Rep. Johnny Garrett (R-Goodlettsville-District 45) is reportedly a culmination of work by state legislators over the past two to three years and is meant to regulate companies that engage in private data collection and the sale of that data.
Other states like FloridaUtah, and Virginia have already passed similar legislation.

Friends of Hamilton, a citizen group out of Ooltewah, Tennessee that focuses on Constitutionality, has brought up a few concerns regarding HB1181 and its corresponding Senate Bill, SB0073, sponsored by Sen. Bo Watson (R-Hixson-District 11).

Section 47-18-3210 of the bill contains a lengthy list of exemptions, most of which are already regulated in some way. 

Rep. Garrett stated the legislation is meant to focus on where “there’s not already a state or federal law that covers your interaction with a business.”

Although Founder and President of Friends of Hamilton, Chris Matthews finds it questionable that each U.S. Code relevant to these exemptions is not explicitly stated within the bill text like in California’s Consumer Privacy Act, several acts are specifically named as reasons for exemption. 

The more general terms “state law” and “federal law” are also used throughout the bill text.

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