Lawmaker Says Proposed Law To Prevent Woke ESG Investments Is Not Dead Even Though Placed Behind Budget

A proposed law to prohibit “woke” investments being made by the state of Tennessee is not dead, according to one lawmaker, despite the bill being placed behind the budget yesterday during a House Finance, Ways, and Means Subcommittee meeting.

After the bill, which prevents the State Treasurer from investing state and taxpayer dollars based on environmental social governance (ESG) factors, was placed behind the budget, Representative David Hawk (R-Greeneville-District 5) took some time to reassure concerned citizens that the bill is not dead.

“As we are taking action on this bill and others, some folks who have been watching have indicated they see a behind the budget motion as stopping a bill’s progress, and I want those folks who are watching to know and understand that it is still part of the conversation. It is still an ongoing piece of legislation,” said Hawk. “I signed onto, this morning, that particular bill and it is still very much part of the discussion. It has not stopped the bill’s progress. As the Chairman has made the behind the budget motion on several occasions this morning, those bills are still alive and well and being discussed.”

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