Tennessee Releases School District Specific Data On Third-Grade Proficiency

Just days after notifying school districts of their third graders’ results on the TCAP Reading test, the Tennessee Department of Education has released a complete list of school district results from across the state to the public.

Statewide numbers show that only about 40% of Tennessee students scored “proficient” on the test, meaning 60% of third graders in the state are at risk of having to retake the test, attend summer school, participate in tutoring, or potentially repeat the grade.

It is important to note that the data has not been adjusted to account for students with exceptions to the retention law. These would include students who have certain disabilities, have already been held back, or are English Language learners.

The top scoring districts show well over half to three-fourths of their students earning a proficient score on the test, with Germantown coming in as the district with the highest passing rate.

1. Germantown Municipal Schools – 79.7%

2. Arlington Community Schools – 77%

3. Alamo City Schools – 75%

4. Maryville City Schools – 74.68%

5. Collierville Schools – 73.55%

6. Williamson County Schools – 71.71%

7. Franklin Special School District – 69.44%

8. Lakeland Schools – 69.27%

9. Johnson City Schools – 64.22%

10. Oak Ridge Schools – 58.75% 

At the other end of the scale, however, the schools ranking in the bottom 10 out of the 141 public school districts in Tennessee find themselves with as little as 10% of their students scoring proficient.

132. Union County Schools – 22.48

133. Johnson County Schools – 21.98%

134. Jackson-Madison County Schools – 19.59%

135. Houston County Schools – 19.27%

136. Haywood County Schools – 18%

137. Perry County Schools – 17.28%

138. Fayette County Schools – 16.52%

139. Humboldt City Schools – 16.25%

140. Richard City Special School District – 13.33%

141. Achievement School District – 10.12%


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