Lawmakers Battle Over Bill Preventing Schools From Housing Illegal Immigrants
The House Rules Committee Held A Hearing Monday Discussing The "Schools Not Shelters Act", Legislation Designed To Prevent Public Schools From Allocating School Resources And Using Taxpayer Funds To Help Shelter Illegal Immigrants Within Their Campus. Read More.
Public Safety/Policing
Violent crime and theft have soared across the country in the aftermath of Defund the Police. Time to restore law and order, and bolster the efficacy and ability of our law enforcement. Read More.
Life begins at conception, and the right to life precedes all others. We must defend life from womb to tomb in all 50 states and abolish the killing of innocent children. Read More.
The family is the building block of society; if we want a stronger country, we must restore and heal our cultural approach to the family. This includes re-affirming the truth that marriage is between a man and a woman, and other arrangements are damaging to individuals and society. Read More.
Where small businesses are supported, innovation thrives and the cost of living goes down. Lower taxes for businesses and lessen the barriers to entry. Read More.
Monetary/Finance Policy
Keep America the land of opportunity by protecting the free market and creating a hospitable environment where businesses and families can succeed. Read More.
National Defense
Our military is being destroyed from the top down as woke ideology takes precedence to strength and ability. We must bolster our national defense, for our own nation’s security and the security of others. Read More.
Lowering Taxes
Lower taxes means increased economic activity and financial flourishing for every class. This in turn leads to higher tax revenue for the government— it’s a win-win! Read More.
Limited Government
Big government leads to big problems. Government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. Read More.
Reliable, quality healthcare should be accessible and affordable for both citizens and veterans of this country. We must put people first, not Big Pharma. Read More.
Election Integrity
Time to restore election integrity! Voter fraud will never be 100% erased, but enacting common sense policies will drastically reign in the now rampant fraud across the nation. Read More.
Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. We must revitalize and rebuild our broken education system, which includes ridding schools of CRT and LGBT indoctrination, as well as expanding school choice. Read More.
Defense of the Constitution and Rights
In this country, we look to the Constitution as the proclaimer of our god-given rights. We must continually affirm and protect those rights and follow constitutional authority. Read More.
Border Security and Immigration Control
By opening our borders, we’ve invited the world’s criminals, degenerates, and America-hating terrorists into our country. Our nation’s unity and security must come first, and we hold that the right to immigrate to the United States does not exist. Read More.
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