Governor Lee Abandons His ERPO (Red Flag) Bill Promising More Public Safety For Tennesseans

Reports this week from Governor Lee’s office indicate that he has decided to abandon his efforts to pass his proposal for any kind of  ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) legislation, also known as “red flag laws”.

This past April Governor Bill Lee called for a special session in the wake of the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, but it yielded little action in the way of any significant gun control legislation, only producing 4 bills that had no effect on guns directly, and to the tune of what some say is close to a $1 million dollar price tag for the 6-day session. 

At the time, an open letter from Republican lawmakers called the session an “expensive, disruptive, futile, and counterproductive publicity stunt” and “a solution in search of a problem.” And called for Governor Lee to cancel it all together.

Grassroots coalesced their supporters and activated the citizenry who made phone calls, sent emails and showed up at their representative’s offices vocalizing their opposition to any sort of legislation that would restrict access to their 2nd Amendment rights. 

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